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Grace your furrbaby with the classic and refined beauty of PENELOPE, an exquisite three-row collar adorned with iridescent AB stones. This simple yet stunning piece, measuring 8mm wide, catches the light and sparkles from every angle. Celebrate your furrbaby's innate elegance with the PENELOPE collar, and let them shine like the precious gem they are. Please message us if you do not see your size.

Although our chains are adjustable, in order to guarantee the perfect fit for your furrbaby, please take a moment to measure their neck.

  Ways to measure:

  1. Soft Measuring Tape: Using a flexible and soft measuring tape, gently wrap it around your furrbaby's neck where a collar or jewelry would normally sit. Make sure the tape is snug, but not too tight, and allow for one to two fingers of space for comfort and easy movement.

  2. String and Ruler: If you don't have a soft measuring tape handy, you can use a piece of string or ribbon instead. Wrap the string around your furrbaby's neck, following the same guidelines as above. Mark the point where the string overlaps, then lay it flat and measure the length with a ruler or a hard measuring tape.

  3. Existing Collar: If your furrbaby has a well-fitting collar, you can use it as a reference for sizing. Lay the collar flat on a table and measure the length from the buckle to the hole you currently use. This will give you an approximate measurement of your furrbaby's neck size.

Please keep in mind that FabFurr's stylish accessories are designed to elevate your furrbaby's look, but they should not replace a regular pet collar or be used alongside a leash.